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Dog Days of Summer

This post was originally created a few years ago but with a big heat wave upon on us and near drought conditions in select areas the points it makes for our current summer are important!

In the...

It burns, burns, burns...

It's Art Fair time again here in Ann Arbor and, like every year, this week the weather is always extreme. Meteorologists are predicting a massive heat wave to hit the midwest, forming an...

How to prepare your pet for a new family member

This is our second post on this topic and is intended to give you more information along with links and resources to continue your own education on this topic. Is your family expecting a new baby?...

An Interesting Dynamic- Introducing Pets to Newborns

We will be publishing a few articles pertaining to introducing pets to newborn members of the family. This is a re-post from several years ago by Dr. Heather Jarrett and a new post will be coming...

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