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Are your dogs afraid of Thunderstorms?

by Julia Levitt

When should we spay or neuter your cat?

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Introducing Stiggy's Dogs, our 2015 Charity Event partner!

"Rescuing One to Rescue Another"

Avoiding potentially volatile situations while walking your dog

by Julia Levitt of In Harmony Dog Training

Fear and Aggression in Dogs

How can we decrease the number of negative interactions we have with dogs? Socializing our pets and learning to recognize the signs of a fearful or aggressive dog are two excellent ways. The late Dr....

Reading Dog Body Language

Because of dogs' often very public presence– our dogs frequently travel around with us– bad or unacceptable behavior from a dog can be a very serious problem and pose a risk to the people and...

Dog Bite Prevention Week starts May 15th!

Educating year-round about dog body language is a good idea and can lead to a decrease in the number of dogs biting humans. However, in May we have a week (starting the 15th) dedicated to Dog Bite...


by Janet Figarra, DVM

National Pet Disaster Awareness Day is May 8th

We realize it's not a light and fluffy topic but Pet Disaster Awareness Day is important because if an event were to happen we need to have a plan to keep our pets safe. Below is an article found on ...

Pet Appreciation Week Begins May 3rd!

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