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"Cat Flu" in Ann Arbor!

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Vet-a-Visit at MSU on 3/28!

"Vet-A-Visit is MSU College of Veterinary Medicine's annual open house, where everyone is welcome to join us and learn about the fascinating world of veterinary medicine. See all kinds of animals,...

Update on Patrick!

Many people have come together over the last few days to help Patrick and his siblings! Patrick was doing so well post-op that he was returned to the Jackson County Animal Shelter and was taken...

Senior Life Stage

Similar to the first two life stages, as your cat's or dog's body ages, their medical needs change. As humans reach their "golden years" we can feel the effects of aging over the course of a few...

Hope for Patrick

We recently received a call from a friend of the hospital, Dr. Cathy Theisen of Veterinary Housecalls of Ann Arbor. Dr. Theisen is also the medical veterinary director at Baker College of Jackson...

National Poison Prevention Week

This week is Poison Prevention Week, which is recognized every year in the third week of March. Created in 1961 by an act of Congress, it is intended as "a means for local communities to raise...

Adult Dog & Cat Life Stage

As your dog or cat ages and matures from puppy or kitten, its body changes too and as a result, both its nutritional and veterinary medical needs change. Through practicing preventive medicine,...

Pet Health Insurance: Is it Worth the Cost?

Pet health insurance has become a popular topic as of the last few years, though insurance for pets has been around for some time. As our society continues to change and our way of life shifts to...

Puppy & Kitten Life Stage

We strongly encourage puppy and kitten owners to visit the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital as soon as possible after they’ve brought their new family member home. This allows our veterinarians to assess...

Preventive Health Plans 2015!

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

—Benjamin Franklin

It's hard for us to believe that a whole year has passed since we launched our Preventive Health Plans. Our commitment to...

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