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Kroger Pet Food Recall 12/18

According to, Kroger has announced a pet food recall over this past weekend.

Ask the Canine Behaviorist!

My name is Julia Levitt, founder of In Harmony Dog Training. I like to think of myself as "Miss Manners" for dogs! I help people learn to have a lovely pet to live in their home and I'm available...

Is Your Pet Getting Fat?

According to our friends at Veterinarian Technician, not only are people getting fatter, their pets are, too:

Why Are Grapes Harmful to Dogs?

There are lots of holiday foods that could be a problem for your pet if someone leaves a plate of party snacks where your dog could get into it...fatty foods such as cheese cubes and nuts come to...

How is your pet’s dental health?

According to the American Veterinary Dental Society 85% of adult pets have periodontal disease—the most common disease in dogs and cats. Fortunately, it’s simple and easy to treat.

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