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Sentinel vs. Simparica: Why use both?

2017: The year of the tick

This spring and summer we have been seeing pets with numerous ticks, and in talking to owners, they are under the impression that administering a monthly dose of...

Preventive Health and your pet

What follows is an interview we conducted with David Caddell, director of the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. The intention of this interview was to understand why A2AH offers Preventive Health Plans...

Reasons for increased risk of heartworm

Incidences of heartworm in both dogs and cats are on the rise nationwide. Here are a few reasons why.

Heartworm prevention is year round! Here's why.

Many people come to the vet under the impression that their pets are at risk for heartworm only during the warmer seasons, and therefore, they need only medicate against heartworm during those...

New Idexx Lab test to aid in Preventive Health Care

News to Use

Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease in Pets

by Cheryl Smith, DVM

Puppy & Kitten Life Stage

We strongly encourage puppy and kitten owners to visit the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital as soon as possible after they’ve brought their new family member home. This allows our veterinarians to assess...

Prevention and treatment of heartworm

April Is Heartworm Awareness Month

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