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Cancer Treatment at A2AH

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Canine Massage

This is the final article of our four-part alternative medicine series, which also includes acupuncture, laser therapy and Chinese herbs. These treatments will not appeal to all of our clients but...

Chinese herbs in veterinary medicine

You may have noticed that we have been writing about alternative medicine lately, having recently covered acupuncture and laser therapy. These are frequently used as complements or even...

Laser Therapy for pets in pain

Veterinary medicine is always changing, as it is in human medicine. As more options become available, distinguishing the differences and efficacy between types of treatment can be confusing. We...

Acupuncture and your pet

Acupuncture has been practiced for a long time—estimates range from 3500-5000 years, with written records dating to the second century BC, though its origins are unclear. Despite ancient sources...

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