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The never-ending Tick saga...

Yep, they're here again and it's turning out to be another crazy year for one of the little vampiric and potentially disease-carrying pests of the Michigan spring and summer.

How To Deal With Ticks

The time for ticks is upon us! It starts in the spring and continues through summer and sometimes well into autumn. We are currently finding high numbers of American dog ticks on dogs, and also on...

Dog Days of Summer

This post was originally created a few years ago but with a big heat wave upon on us and near drought conditions in select areas the points it makes for our current summer are important!

In the...

Cancer Treatment at A2AH

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Dr. Jess Franklin is recognized as "Hometown Hero"

One of our own, Dr. Jess Franklin, was recently recognized by Current Magazine in their "Hometown Hero 2015" article that came out this month. Current explains that Hometown Heroes throws a spotlight...

When should we spay or neuter your cat?

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Helping Dogs move in the winter--make tracks!

This post stars Dr. Franklin's 10-year-old dog Maddie, an approximately 1/2 acre backyard, and snowshoes

Helping your senior dog age gracefully

by Julia Levitt

Cat Versus Sofa

Whether or not to declaw is undoubtedly the most heated debate among cat lovers. Declawing has become widespread with many cat owners under the impression that it is both desirable and beneficial...

Laser Therapy for pets in pain

Veterinary medicine is always changing, as it is in human medicine. As more options become available, distinguishing the differences and efficacy between types of treatment can be confusing. We...

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