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What To Expect on Surgery Day


by Janet Figarra, DVM

You may be anxious about your pet's surgical procedure for many reasons. We'd like to take a few minutes to describe our protocols and hopefully ease your mind about what...

Parasite Preventives: A Quick Look

by Janet Figarra, DVM

Easter lilies and cats don't mix

We wrote this several years ago, but the information below is just as relevant and important this year and every year! 

Basics of Separation Anxiety

by Janet Figarra, DVM

Parasites of spring and summer

With the unusually warm and mild winter we had in Michigan, spring came early and seemed to drag summer in with it. Though we've had a return to more typical temperatures, the early warmth roused...

Winter-related questions from dog owners

Unlike the last two snowy years, this past Sunday was only our second big snow of the winter. With twenty degree temperatures and high winds we thought it appropriate to republish this post from...

Coping with the death of a pet

We continue our preparation for National Pet Memorial Day this September 13th with an article originally published by us several years ago but the wisdom and ideas within are just as applicable...


by Janet Figarra, DVM

What is a "Dental"?

by Janet Figarra, DVM

Agility Dogs

It is often said that "a busy lad is a happy lad." That rings true for dogs as well. You've probably seen it on Animal Planet-- dogs running through tunnels and over teeter-totters at break-neck...

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