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Easter lilies and cats don't mix

We wrote this several years ago, but the information below is just as relevant and important this year and every year! 

How does a PHP save you $$?

Last week we published a post on our Preventive Health Plans and why they're a benefit to your pet. This week we decided to delve a little more into why purchasing a PHP is a savings to your...

Preventive Health and your pet

What follows is an interview we conducted with David Caddell, director of the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. The intention of this interview was to understand why A2AH offers Preventive Health Plans...

New Sunday hours for Routine Care!

Big changes are taking place at A2AH! After much thought and planning, we have decided to expand our routine care hours to include Sundays from 8am-2pm. We're busy and we know our clients are...

Does my pet need supplements?

The supplement business is big and booming. In the United States, 71% of adults take some sort of dietary supplement. They are most popular among adults 55 and older but they are becoming...

What have you done for me lately? Pet Dental Health

Another February is upon us and in the veterinary community that means an emphasis on pet dental health. Pet dental health isn't just about clean, shiny teeth (although that's an added bonus);...

Crazy weather? The pooch still needs exercise!

Regardless of the weather situation (40 degree thunderstorm in January??) your pup still needs physical activity. Come January, we like to remind pet owners that making sure your dog gets enough...

Santa comes to A2AH

He's jolly, he's rotund and he's willing to take time out of his busy schedule to visit with your pets! Santa and his elf are stopping by A2AH to spend some quality time with your pets and pose...

Basics of Separation Anxiety

by Janet Figarra, DVM

A2AH is now on Instagram!

Hey all you Instagram junkies! A2AH is finally participating on this social media platform and to kick off our new venture we will be starting a contest this week. Check back for more information...

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