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Pet Health Hazards During The Holidays

This post was originally published in 2011 but is still relevant around this time of year. We hope you find some useful information and tips!

Did you know your holiday décor could pose threats...

Choosing the right breed

This article was originally posted in September of 2011. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we're reviving it and hope it will help in your search for a new canine companion.

The Cat's Meow

When your cat vocalises, what kind of sound does it make? Probably the most common sounds you hear are purring and meowing. We had a blog about purring a few weeks back, so let's focus on the...

The feline language of purring

There seem to be a number of reasons that cats purr. It may help to think of a cat’s purr like a dog’s bark, or a person’s laugh. Dogs may bark as a warning because they hear something; because...

Reading Dog Body Language

Because of dogs' often very public presence– our dogs frequently travel around with us– bad or unacceptable behavior from a dog can be a very serious problem and pose a risk to the people and...

Responsible Pet Ownership

February is considered to be Responsible Pet Ownership month. We hope this blog will identify and celebrate responsible pet owners everywhere.

Training your puppy = Preventive Medicine?

I met with the hospital's director, David Caddell, to talk "dog training"  and brainstorm blog topics that dog owners would find interesting and educational. During our talk , he had an...

Non-verbal Cues From Dogs & Anxiety

Dogs & Anxiety

Dogs Greeting Dogs

Strolling down the street for your morning walk with your trusty canine friend — suddenly your dog spots another dog. You feel your arm being yanked and your pace is rapidly picking up.

Pet Peeves

Pet peeves — we have them for encounters with humans but what do the professionals say who work with dogs on a daily basis?

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