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Basics of Separation Anxiety

by Janet Figarra, DVM

Are your dogs afraid of Thunderstorms?

by Julia Levitt

Reading Dog Body Language

Because of dogs' often very public presence– our dogs frequently travel around with us– bad or unacceptable behavior from a dog can be a very serious problem and pose a risk to the people and...

Non-verbal Cues From Dogs & Anxiety

Dogs & Anxiety

Separation Anxiety... look again!

Dogs bark for many reasons. They want to go out, or they’re asking for attention. They want you to throw their ball or they may be saying “Look! Someone is at the door!” Or maybe they see another...

Traveling with your pet

As part of Microchip month here at Ann Arbor Animal Hospital, we thought we would post some useful information regarding traveling with pets. We've heard some tragic stories of lost animals, but also...

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