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GrieveWell: A wonderful resource for those grieving the loss of a pet

Motivated by the tragic loss of their six-year-old daughter in 2000, Doug and Julie Stotlar were inspired to create The Kite Network, a non-profit organization that has worked to connect...

How To Deal With Ticks

The time for ticks is upon us! It starts in the spring and continues through summer and sometimes well into autumn. We are currently finding high numbers of American dog ticks on dogs, and also on...

Contagious Dog Cough in Ann Arbor

Since spring break 2017—and the increased number of boarded dogs that comes with that travel time—we are seeing more coughing dogs in Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County.

What's with that slit on your cat's ear, and more on feline anatomy

Cat owners are almost as curious as the cats they own. Cat anatomy is fairly straightforward, but have you ever noticed, when petting your cat, those odd little pockets on the side of your cat's...

Routine Care closed Sunday May 14th and May 28th

Dear clients,

Our routine care will be closed the Sundays of May 14th and May 28th in honor of Mother's Day and Memorial Day weekend, respectively. Our ER will continue to operate on the same 24/7...

Parasite Preventives: A Quick Look

by Janet Figarra, DVM

DEA Prescription Drug Take Back Day is April 29

The DEA is sponsoring a prescription drug take-back day this Saturday April 29th from 10am-2pm. Do you have any left over medications either you or your pet are no longer taking? They can be...

Easter lilies and cats don't mix

We wrote this several years ago, but the information below is just as relevant and important this year and every year! 

How does a PHP save you $$?

Last week we published a post on our Preventive Health Plans and why they're a benefit to your pet. This week we decided to delve a little more into why purchasing a PHP is a savings to your...

Preventive Health and your pet

What follows is an interview we conducted with David Caddell, director of the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital. The intention of this interview was to understand why A2AH offers Preventive Health Plans...

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