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Saying Goodbye to Lenny

Lenny, Officer Maguire and a visitor at our 2012 charity event

Michigan Dog Training

Michigan Dog Training (MDT) is a dog training company located in Plymouth, Michigan, that aims to “provide behavior solutions so your dog can become a well mannered family member and so you can do...

American Animal Hospital Association Re-accreditation!

The Ann Arbor Animal Hospital recently underwent the reaccreditation process by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), and we are pleased to announce that we maintain our AAHA-accredited...

Feline Body Language

Most feline communication is far more subtle than that of a dog. While our canine friends frequently wear their hearts on their sleeves (if they wore them), cats tend to be much tougher to...

The Cat's Meow

When your cat vocalises, what kind of sound does it make? Probably the most common sounds you hear are purring and meowing. We had a blog about purring a few weeks back, so let's focus on the...

The feline language of purring

There seem to be a number of reasons that cats purr. It may help to think of a cat’s purr like a dog’s bark, or a person’s laugh. Dogs may bark as a warning because they hear something; because...

Choosing a Canine Companion to Match Your Lifestyle, Part 2

by Cheryl Smith, DVM

Choosing a Canine Companion to Match Your Lifestyle, Part 1

by Cheryl Smith, DVM

When should we spay or neuter your cat?

by Jess Franklin, DVM


by Janet Figarra, DVM

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