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Cats and Pyrethroid/Pyrethrin insecticides

Cats and Pyrethroid/Pyrethrin poisoning is a very common problem (Pet Poison Helpline claims it's the second most common call they receive) so we felt it appropriate to dedicate a whole post to it.

Rodenticide and Insecticide toxicity

As the weather gets warmer, mice and rats start moving around and infesting our basements, attics, and closets. A rodenticide is a bait block, pellet, or grain based product that's used to kill...

Educational Seminar with Idexx and Zoetis tonight!

Idexx and Zoetis educational seminar tonight (Wednesday March 16th) at the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital!

Be careful with spring fertilizers

Spring is nearly here and during this time of year (and throughout the summer) many of us are planting and cultivating gardens, flower beds, maintaining our lawns or re-potting indoor plants....

Pet toxins: indoor/outdoor plants such as "dumb cane"

My husband and I recently went to Home Depot and on a whim bought what we feel is a very lovely plant for our dining room and kitchen area. It wasn't until we revisited the name card looking for...

Pet toxins: human food/medications

For training purposes and to make sure we're doing the best job we can to assist people, we will from time to time listen to recordings of calls we receive. Most calls are relatively standard but...

March is Poison Prevention Month!

The entire month of March is dedicated to poison prevention, but the third week—the 20th-26th—is set aside for an extra dose of education and information regarding pet poison prevention. This week...

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