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Halloween starts the "Chocolate Season"

We published this post a few years ago but it serves as a reminder as the holidays approach to keep your pet away from chocolate and other sweets!

While many pet owners know that Chocolate is toxic...

Halloween Dangers for Pets

This post was originally published a few years ago but the information continues to be important in light of the weekend festivities. Have a wonderful Halloween!

Every Halloween (and on several...

Why does the vet need poop samples?

by Janet Figarra, DVM

What is that smell?? Skunks and your pet!

One of our Veterinary Technicians recently talked to me about a number of pet owners calling A2AH about what to do in the event of an encounter between your pet and a skunk.

Feral Cats: Q&A

This past week was a national day set aside for education about feral cats. This piqued my curiosity, as I know very little about feral cats, and led to the following questions answered by A2AH...

Protect Your Pets From Rodenticides

This post was originally published in November of last year. But as autumn weather closes in, our homes once again become tempting homes for rodents looking to get out of the cold—which is why we...

When to start training your puppy

by Michael Burkey, CEO/Dog Behaviorist at Michigan Dog Training

Choosing the right breed

This article was originally posted in September of 2011. In honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, we're reviving it and hope it will help in your search for a new canine companion.

PAWS to host a Dog Wash at A2AH Oct 11th!

PAWS is a U of M student run organization that provides contact between students and animals. PAWS partners with the Ann Arbor Animal Hospital for many events throughout the year most recently...

October is National adopt a shelter dog month!

Have you decided dog ownership is in your future? We've published posts in the past on whether dog ownership is right for you but what happens after you've determined that yes, indeed, you or your...

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