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What are Doggles?

Thinking about leaving your dog alone in the car?

“It's only going to be a few minutes and I'll make sure to crack the window for fresh air…” If you're a dog owner this thought may have entered your mind from time to time. We love our pets and we...

The feline language of purring

There seem to be a number of reasons that cats purr. It may help to think of a cat’s purr like a dog’s bark, or a person’s laugh. Dogs may bark as a warning because they hear something; because...

June 18th is Veterinarian Appreciation Day!

June 18th is veterinarian appreciation Day!

Canine Influenza Update: H3N2

Months have gone by since we first heard of the canine influenza outbreak in Chicago. At Ann Arbor Animal Hospital we want to continue to provide you with current information about what...

Choosing a Canine Companion to Match Your Lifestyle, Part 2

by Cheryl Smith, DVM

Choosing a Canine Companion to Match Your Lifestyle, Part 1

by Cheryl Smith, DVM

Do Thundershirts work?

As a follow up to our last post titled, "Are your dogs afraid of thunderstorms?" I decided to do a little research into Thundershirts and ask our staff for information on the effectiveness of...

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