June 18th is Veterinarian Appreciation Day!

June 18th is Veterinarian Appreciation Day!

June 18th is veterinarian appreciation Day!

When was the last time you said "Thank you" to your veterinarian? Our pets are part of our families and our vets help keep them healthy and active so they can continue to be our loyal companions. Working in the veterinarian industry is not easy, it's extremely demanding and the service and dedication of our vets to us and to our pets is often overlooked.

What exemplary qualities do A2AH's veterinarians have? First and foremost our vets have a love and passion for animals! A heart for service is required-they not only take care of our pets but in extension they care for us and our families.  It takes good communication skills and an amazing ability to multi-task to work in a vet clinic. Our vets exhibit great dedication to pet, owner, and co-workers and on this Vet Appreciation Day we Thank You and are grateful that you are a part of our lives!

Would you like to email your vet a note of thanks? Click on this link and send them a personal message!



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