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Christmas and New Year's Hours

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tips for Safe Travels With Your Pet

by Kerry McKinney, DVM

Christmas is almost here and for many Americans—over 100 million each year—that means traveling for the holiday! Increasingly, we're also choosing to take our furry...

What Should I Do if I Think My Pet Ate Something Bad?

by Ashley Bentley, DVM

Some of the more frequent emergencies that present to our Critical Care and Emergency services are dogs and cats that have ingested things they shouldn’t have.

With Glaucoma, Early Testing and Intervention May Help Preserve Vision

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Binnie is a beagle who came to see me in the spring of 2017 because she acted as if she had a headache. She was sleeping in odd places, hiding, and cowering when moved to her...

Primary Care Will be Closed on Thanksgiving

Just a reminder that Primary Care (wellness visits, vaccines, etc.) will be closed on Thursday, November 22, for Thanksgiving, and will resume normal hours Friday at 8am.

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

by Kerry McKinney, DVM

Recently, I was having (another) conversation about puppy ownership with my graduate-student daughter, Abigail. After living all of her childhood in the not-so-booming town...

Potty Issues With Older Dogs

by Jess Franklin, DVM

Three Legs and a Spare

by Stasi Mitchell, LVT

My dog, Breeze, is a 5-and-a-half-year-old Flat-Coat retriever mix. She is a very happy girl who loves, loves, loves people and gets along well with other pets. She loves...

Halloween Brings Host of Horrors For Pets

Halloween's tradition of candy, costumes and trick-or-treating can be a threatening and potentially dangerous time for pets. What is fun for children can be a very stressful time for the family...

Tricks and Treats for Home Health Care

by Amanda Critchfield, DVM

In the spirit of Halloween, here are some tricks with treats you can try to make home health care tasks for your dog and cat—and you!—a little easier. We’ve been using...

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